Unit 10 – MySql

by Irate Wizard

As it goes with this class, the more I think I understand something the less likely I can get it to work. MySQL is one of the few terms I knew going into this course. I think I may have even used it before. So, imagine my frustration that I still can’t get the damn thing to work. And, to make matters worse, I’m not even sure how to describe my troubles enough to seek help from the discussion boards. (It might just be a location problem. I find I can never complete these assignments at the library (where I am now). I always encounter problems that seem to resolve themselves as soon as I get home.) And, so I’ve taken to doing the only thing that will prevent me from just pulling my hair out; I’m taking a break. I’m taking a break and writing my blog and hope that when I return to my assignments this evening, they will resolve their issues (this method has proven successful in the past). I really want to make this work, I am excited to see my relational database come to life. It is one of the few skills I have really noticed a sizable, positive change in since starting the SIRLS program. I know I’m still far from a master, but once I resolve this issue, I should be on my way…

UPDATE: So, after another week of attempts in which I was able to get closer and close to completing all of Unit 10’s Assignments, I have hit a insurmountable roadblock. I have connectivity issues. I have tried all the remedies to no avail. Try rebooting, restarting, changing to NAT mode, and on and on. I will take another break and work on Unit 11 in the hopes that when I return to these assignments the connectivity gods will shine down on me and resolve my issues. It seems, with these last few weeks, that I always have to take 2 steps back in order to get ahead. I don’t really mind, it’s a good review. I’m learning how to not get so frustrated. I just wish I had more time. I will keep you posted.

ANOTHER UPDATE: So in the end and only a couple of more troubled hours I was able to change to NAT mode and continue on with this week’s assignment. There is very little time between the sense of relief of solving one problem and the frustration that occurs at encountering the next one, but I’m just glad to have made it through to the end. Perseverance with patience and prudence.