Unit 8 – Readings

by Irate Wizard

I already mentioned on the discussion board which reading was the most helpful. The one that helped me greatly while working on my brother’s resume. But I found so many part of the other readings interesting. One thing that really jumped out of me from the Chabrow article was the shocking fact that the government spends 65 billion dollars on It projects every year. And, this article was written almost 7 years ago. I wonder what we are up to now. I know it seems like a large number, how many lifetimes would I have to work to make 65 billion dollars. But a larger part of me thinks that really it’s not enough. We need so much more technology projects implemented all over in schools, police departments, fire departments, in all government offices, the post office, etc. So many of our public areas seem so technologically-lite that it’s scary. So even though it’s a big number, it’s really not big enough.