Unit 7 – XML – It still works!

by Irate Wizard

I’ve spent the last week visiting family on the East Coast. I have been amazed by my oldest nephew about to turn 4 in just a few days and how much his brain can absorb. It is a sponge. I, in sharp contrast, feel like I may be the youngest person ever to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This week’s material was a bit refreshing though as I at least felt like I had a firm basis of understanding from having taken 515 last semester. I found the sample provided by Professor Fulton to be extremely helpful and just like last semester I spent more time thinking of what I should catalog then typing the metadata into the schema. I have also been refreshing my memory sporadically throughout the summer as I am TAing 515 next semester. If only I could learn to catalog the metadata in my brain as well as I can organize it in an XML document…

In other news, I have not had the best time getting through this week’s materials due to the unpredictability of my traveling this week. I’ll be traveling most of the day tomorrow and settled back in Tucson by Thursday at which time I hope to revisit the topics covered in this unit a little more closely. I will continue this post at that time.

UPDATE: So after a few missteps in which I had to go back and redo something from Unit 6, I finally got through all of Unit 7!! I am always so amazed when something goes right and my browser reads “This is User1’s homepage” just like it is supposed to. I don’t know if it’s just the result of things actually working, but I feel like I am starting to catch on with what we are doing (maybe also in part to a nice tutorial from fellow student Melissa). I’m also hopeful the the rest of this class wont be as taxing on my brain as I’m reaching the limits for new information allotted for this semester. Is it a sad day when XML starts to seem like a long lost friend and the word LAMP makes me want to throw my computer out the window? I wish I were having a true light-bulb moment. Although, I’m starting to feel like I’ve found the light-switch.