Unit 6 – HTML

by Irate Wizard

I had a love/hate relationship with this week’s assignment. At first I couldn’t get anything to work. Then, I seemed to get it all to work. Then I think I got overly ambitious and nothing worked. Last semester we got extra credit for posting part of our assignment to our website, so I was able to somehow load it onto my main page. Other students made separate pages and I wanted one. So I was hellbent on creating one. It took a few hours. I made some pretty big missteps, but I succeeded in the end. I now have two links to two separate pages on my homepage (one for the class from last semester and one for this class). I’m so proud that I finally figured it out. Is that sad? So I think these are called subfolders. Now if only I could figure out how to make subdirectories. And what the difference is? I consulted lots of websites, mostly W3C (including http://validator.w3.org/check and http://www.w3.org/International/getting-started/). Sometimes it helped. Other times I felt more confused then when I started. The validator frustrates me because it finds more problems than I am capable of fixing. I seem to understand enough to know where the mistake is, but not necessarily how to fix it. I prefer to look at the source code from other sites. To see what others did can help me to figure out my own mistakes. I find this extremely helpful. Maybe that’s cheating, but when it comes to websites I don’t think it’s always necessary to start from scratch. This is, however, how I got in trouble. I saw something I wanted to emulate and tried to copy the code into my site and next thing I knew my website wasn’t showing anything anymore. It’s a terrifying feeling to think I’ve erased everything, but with patience and lots of cursing or prayer (you choose), I think I resolved it all in the end. My site is still pretty bare bones, but it’s way more than I could have done 180 days ago.

Adding to my frustration was 10 minutes or so when I was pretty sure I had accidentally deleted this blog posting. One minute to realize I had lost everything. Eight minutes of walking away from the computer angry at myself. One minute to return and realize that it had been saved as a draft. The good thing about frustration is that it can’t sustain itself for very long.