Unit 4 – This Incident Will Be Reported

by Irate Wizard

In keeping with our ongoing command line versus graphical user interface debate, it’s a bit refreshing to see so many ways to complete the same tasks. This makes me think that computers or those that program them are aware of this great debate and therefore offer their users a variety of ways to get things done. Options. Maybe the CLI v GUI debate doesn’t need to be resolved. It’s a bit refreshing.

I am finding the assignments ‘a piece of cake’ to complete but slightly harder to digest. I can follow directions, but get hung up on the overarching concepts. I’ve been reviewing past weeks before moving on to new ones and that seems to be helping me a lot. If only, to remind myself how far I’ve come and all the new terms and commands I’ve learned and remembered. Assignment 1 was simple enough to follow. Although, I first tried to complete it at the public library, which did not work. I am unable to confirm IP addresses at the public library. I wonder why this is. I have tried this for several assignments with no luck. I find this both frustrating and ironic. Trying again from home, proved successful. When encountering the alert message in Firefox, I for the first time ever, actually read what it said and felt like a warrior clicking on “I understand the risks” (because, honestly, I didn’t).

I much preferred adding a user using the command line over the gnome desktop admin utilities. However, if left to my own devises I know I would choose the latter. I struggled with the webmin approach, but because of my own oversight and not the computers. It still left a scar. I still hold it against webmin. Overall, I’m starting to warm up to the idea of the CLI. I’m more focused. I think I would get distracted when working in any other option. At work, distractions are often the curse. The phone rings, an email comes in, human beings start talking to you… something about the command line makes me think I would remember exactly where I was, what I was doing, where I left off. If I were interrupted at the gnome desktop admin utilities or using webmin, I think it would take me a bit longer to remind myself where I had left off… or forget completely. You may notice that my affinity towards one over the other waxes and wanes almost daily. Maybe by the end of this course I’ll pledge my commitment, but don’t hold your breath.