Unit 3 – It Works!

by Irate Wizard

Before running away to Library School this winter I spent most of my professional career as an editor. Playing around with the text editors this week resulted in some wonderful memories and some horrible flashbacks. I’ll begin at the beginning…

I was unable to ping Wikipedia despite a stellar internet connect. Update: You know how sometimes you just have to complain about something to make it step up and take responsibility for itself. Well, after posting on this blog, so publicly and for all the world to see, that I was unable to ping I gave it another go, and it worked, of course.

But ifconf worked and this comforted my previous failure.

I went on to explore the VIM tutorial. It was awesome to see so many wonderful keyboard shortcuts and I wondered if Microsoft Office had similar commands or just as many that I had never taken the time to investigate. Shortcuts like getting to the end of a line or the last character in the nth word, the put command, and many others would have been super helpful. The tutorial was easy to navigate and pretty straightforward.  I went through it several times and found the commands were becoming more and more second nature. Of course l would be right, how logical, how sensible. Nonetheless, I was beginning to remember or at least my fingers were many of the commands. I did, however, struggle with a few commands. I was unable to master the lesson about using the command line prompt within the tutorial, I could only get the copy and paste features to sort of work. I found it very difficult to find the words through searching. Even though I was able to do this successfully without so much as a blinking curser to show you where the word you were looking for was, I found myself scanning too man words before I finally found the discreet underline at the word I had search for.

I had much less of an emotional or intellectual connection with nano, as I was in and out before I ever realized what was happening. I configured something. If not for the summaries is the assignment section, I would have no clue what happened. I hope this will become clearer in the weeks ahead. I did come closer to understand what bashrc is/means, I think. Like I said, without those summaries I’m afraid I would be completely lost. It’s a strange feeling to be both done with this week’s assignments and lost, but I’m getting used to it.