Unit 1 – Bat Signals

by Irate Wizard

As a complete novice to Ubuntu, Linux, and just about every other word we’ve read this week, I was particularly interested in the type of help users get when they post in Ubuntu’s Absolute Beginner Talk Forum. An hour ago, someone posted New to Ubuntu and described their problem. There are already three responses, including a suggestion to remedy the original poster’s problem. Another user suggests a more detailed explanation of how to implement the proposed remedy. Here’s another example. A user titled their post ‘A Silly Question,’ but this did not stop four others from responding within minutes, taking into account details the original poster did not even include. This really impresses me. A few weeks ago, I placed a call for help on a Google Voice forum and have still yet to see a single response from anyone. I’m happy to see that Ubuntu users respond to all requests and some even take into account the skill level of the poster by providing more step-by-step instructions. Maybe if I had posted my Google Voice question here, I would have had a solution by now.